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Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Brown
Size: 24cm x 38cm x 14cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2,155 USD or €1,445

A classic is on the loose, ladies! Presenting, the Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag, a beautiful shoulder piece that’s bound to become your everyday pal. Out shopping? This is gonna cover for you. An office lady in need of a spacious (yet stylish) on-the-go piece? You got it. We don’t know how Balenciaga does it, though.

This ‘City’ style bag has an embossed black patent leather exterior that shines just as bright as you, bringing out your best. It is also adorned with classic tonal studs, adding up to its shine. It has a detachable shoulder strap, making it the perfect companion (imagine all the possibilities with this piece!). It has a two-way zipped top, which secures all of your personal effects. It even has a zipped front pocket, an internal zipped pocket, slot pockets and a framed handheld mirror that’s perfect for instant touch-ups. What’s not to love about this piece? Exactly.

You can get your very own Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag via MyTheresa.





Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Black
Size: 24cm x 38cm x 14cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2,155 USD or €1,445


Balenciaga Classic Mini City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Black
Size: 16cm x 24cm x 9cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,485 USD or €995

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Louis Vuitton City Steamer PM Tote Bag
Size: 10.2’ x 9.1’ x 3.9’ inches
Price: $3,550 USD, €2,400 EUR

The City Steamer is up and running, ladies! Today, we’re looking into this wonderful tote, made by one of the leading brands in the industry Louis Vuitton. The tote pays homage to House heritage but not without some signature tweaks to it – the engraved padlock, nametag, and hot-stamped LV circle.





Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM Tote Bag
Size: 12.2’ x 10.2’ x 4.7’ inches
Price: $4,100 USD, €2,700 EUR




Louis Vuitton City Steamer GM Tote Bag
Size: 12.2’ x 10.2’ x 4.7’ inches
Price: $4,150 USD, €3,000 EUR

The bag comes in three sizes to choose from, so depending on your needs, you may want to consider one that comes in an ample size. It can carry a lot – files, papers, gadgets, name it, because this piece is designed for functionality. It has Toron handles with Dora handle mounts, golden metallic pieces and a removable leather strap. You can carry this baby however you want – with your hands, over your shoulders or as a cross-body.

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As Expected, Their Balenciaga City Bag Replica Doesn’t Disappoint!


We’ve recently seen a review of their Louis Vuitton replica Pochette Metis but unfortunately its owner wasn’t really happy about it. Now it’s time to see one of the bags they’re usually good for, the Balenciaga City bag replica! Review

So take a look and see if this is a replica Balenciaga bag you’d love to own yourself or not!

Spoiler alert: my friend was happy with her purchase! But I can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s what she told me:

Hi Eva, here is the bag I told you. I’d like to hear your opinion about it. What I can say is that the leather is really soft and beautiful, but I don’t know if it is similar to the original. The mirror came inside the bag, so I attached it to the handle as I could. I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Front View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Front View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Back View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Back View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Side View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Side View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Handles

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Handles

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Top Zipper

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Top Zipper

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Hardware

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Hardware

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Interior View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Interior View

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Metal Plate

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Metal Plate

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Leather Tag

Balenciaga City Bag Replica Leather Tag

After taking a good look at this replica Balenciaga City bag, all I could say is that it’s wonderful! Here is what she wanted to add to her review:

I am so glad you like it! I was in love with it from the moment it arrived. I bought it from Fang Fang, cuz I see you recommend them to Balenciaga.

Feel free to say all the pros and flaws of it. But please also say that people from Fang are really adorable, they always responded really quickly to all my emails and doubts. And the delivery took exact five days. The only thing I was a lil bit sad about was that I had to pay an additional tax of 40€ when it arrived in Europe, but when it arrived was totally worth it.

I personally prefer to pay an additional tax if that means I’m going to get a beautiful replica bag like this! And their good customer service is one of the things that made me add them to my most trusted replica sites list. And in the end what matters the most is whether you feel that you got your money’s worth or not.

What do you girls think about this Balenciaga City? Would you recommend another site for good knock off Balenciaga bags?

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The Balenciaga Classic City Tote Bags do not need any introduction; it represents the house’s expertise and will never be discontinued (we hope, finger crossed).

But anyways, it’s hard to forget that Alexander Wang is in charge of Balenciaga. As you might have know, Alexander has been laser-targeted focused on mixing luxury fashion with sport.

Sporty and luxury.

And the evidence of his sports-luxe influence are even embedded on the Classic City Tote Bag. Rejuvenated in colors like green and yellow, blue and orange or totally in black.

It’s also inserted with the brand’s signature studded hardware – which we all love.

And its name is Balenciaga Classic City Mesh Bags.

Alexander Wang has even made one in backpack style, in case you’re planning to travel around the world.

Carry these Classic handbags as an everyday bag, for an urban cool look. It’s even classy enough to carry your sportswear for the Gym.


Here are the details:


Balenciaga Classic City Mesh Tote Bags
Size: 10’ x 15’ x 5’ (H x W x D) inches


Balenciaga Mini Classic City Mesh Tote Bags
Size: 6.5’ x 9.5’ x 3’ (H x W x D) inches



Balenciaga Classic Traveller Mesh Backpack
Size: 15.5’ x 12.5’ x 3’ (H x W x D) inches

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A New Classic: Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags


Here, take some tea and sit down. Comfy yet?

Now let’s talk about iconic things and bags…

We all know what Balenciaga did. The Le Dix Collection, Ha! I admit; it was a fresh thing and the collection was not bad, not too bad at all. But we just can’t deny where our heart belongs. It belongs in the deepest cave inside Balenciaga’s classic collection. Oh City bag, did you really think that Le Dix could replace you. Not yet, not yet.


Discontinued this and that (Let me refresh your memory; giant hardware 21 discontinued in 2011, I know it hurts, Ouch!), but finally Balenciaga added some new flavors to t heir classic city collection. Now presenting (the curtains start to open); the Balenciaga Metallic Edge Bags (standing ovation!). And they call it: ‘They New Classic’ and I am so liking it.

The Classic bbags have always been trending in fashion, they are simply… how should I call it: ‘beautiful and stylish’. A kind-of motorcycle style, tough and suitable for all women. The classic city bag is as popular as any timeless bag. But do you know what our weaknesses are for Balenciaga bags? It’s the colors, so many that we can’t choose; mango-orange, lemon-yellow, ocean-blue oh gosh, where do we start. But fortunately for us, no headache for the new Balenciaga Metallic Edge City bags, they only come in black and gold hardware. Yeah or Booh?

The Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge bag in medium is crafted from shiny grain goatskin, both impeccable quality and durable. The size is measured 9.4” x 14.8” x 5.5” with black cotton lining. And just like every classic city bag, the metallic edges are self-finish studs, including a leather tassel.

Not long ago, Balenciaga has introduced the mini version of the Classic ‘City’ Bag. It’s exactly the copy of, only it comes with a more comfortable shoulder strap. This size is measured at 6.2” x 9.0” x 3.5”, it’s also in black and shiny grain goatskin.

Let’s get to the prices; the medium size is priced at $2,050 USD, the mini classic city bag is priced at $1,485 USD / €1.045 EUR. So, now you’ve finished your tea, please tell me; ‘You Like?’

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