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Celine Fall 2016 Lookbook


Celine recently released their Fall 2016 Lookbook. The lookbook presents their ready-to-wear items from the Fall 2016 Collection, as well as their latest handbags. This includes the Croissant Shoulder Bag and Shopper Shoulder Bag. This season’s ready-to-wear items features long belted coats, shirt dresses and trousers. Velvet suede, wool tweed, silk and cotton are some of the materials that were used in the collection.

For more information on the Celine Fall 2016 Bag Collection, click here.


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Céline ‘Born Free’ Tote


celine_born-free-toteI’ve wanted to blog about this particular Céline tote when it was launched a while back, but seeing how it sold out on Shopbop almost instantly, I figured it would be pointless. Well, I’ve got good news. The Céline ‘Born Free’ Tote is now back in stock, and at USD225, will probably be the most affordable tote you can ever buy from the French designer label.

Created in conjunction with Shopbop and Vogue to support ‘Born Free’ (a global initiative that’s working towards ending mother-to-child HIV transmission by December 2015), all profits from the sale of this tote (along with those from 22 other top designers) will go towards this cause. 

So besides being really affordable and supporting a great cause, here’s another reason why you should get the sturdy canvas unisex tote. Strictly limited edition, it also features an exclusive print by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu which you’ll either love or hate. But that’s besides the point, no? Measuring 41 cm by 39 cm, it’s something no die-hard fan should miss out on, what with its subtle logotype detailing on the front and a zip pocket on the inside.

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Following on Celine’s summer 2016 Bag Collection, now we have the Ad Campaign featuring the new trendy bags – the ‘Pillow Bags’ and the ‘Cabas Twisted Bags’

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The Pillow bags come in tote as well as flap bag versions, it’s designed in lambskin to create the maximum softness – to imitate the feeling as a real pillow. But as you might know, lambskin are extremely soft yet vulnerable for scratches. Meaning you need to take a good care of it.


But what’s more interesting is the new Celine Cabas Twisted Bags for the Summer 2016 Collection. All of them are crafted in two colors with gorgeous strap on both sides. The Cabas will definitely serve you will if you need an oversized handbag.

Which one do you prefer?




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Celine’s Spring/Summer Runway 2016 collection features a myriad and a great variety of cute seasonal handbags. Incorporating different ideas and concepts into one collection and coming up with equally beautiful and winsome bags is something Celine is known for.

Always wanting to please the modern-day woman, Celine never fails to experiment and introduce interesting twists and surprises to its avid customers. Business wise and keeping up with the competitive bag rivalry, Celine is screaming with a loud voice by coming up with innovative, lovable and feminine designs that is sure to catch the attention of many. For the Summer 2016 collection, it is quite apparent that Celine leans toward a concept of new textures and colors, and the use of absolutely divine and genuine calf leather.

A product of this year’s collection is the Celine Clutch with Pocket in Printed Watersnake. You can select among its 2 color combinations: the Black and White Printed Watersnake or the Orange and White Printed Watersnake. This cute and pattern-infused clutch is made from waternake and lambskin lining and has the following dimensions: 10′ x 7′ inches, priced at €740 euro.



Celine Solo Check Clutch Pouch
Style code: A92734
Size: 10′ x 7′ inches
Price: €500 euro

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Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Paris Fashion Week


Oh Celine! It appears that one of the trends we are seeing on the runways for this coming season is the whole nightgown meets outdoors look that we may or may not be fond of. It is a market in the making we believe. Though starting off a collection with breasts and nipples peeking through black lace trimming to a white nightgown style dress is interesting enough. Celine makes us feel feminine, womanly and downright sexy. It always has and we reckon it always will.

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

So now that we see the black and white appear on stage, the satin bodies with the lace edges, something covered over with a coat but not always, we have to wonder at how incredible those pieces will feel against our bodies. Actually, we are wondering if we can wear the nightgowns we have at home out into the public as well for surely every bride owns a few that look quite similar to these Celine looks, plunging necklines and all.

The Celine spring/summer 2016 collection certainly made waves on the Paris Fashion Week runway and with good reason. While it starts with the above-mentioned gowns, it quickly moves on to typical Celine and that is where the slouchy pants, the tartan prints, the pleated skirts, baby doll and crop tops make an appearance. There was a zen-like calm to the show overall until the latest collection shook up the floor and Phoebe Philo really turned up the heat. Philo has done an amazing job in keeping to the Celine spirit while creating something that is uniquely hers, much like designers such as Miuccia Prada have been doing for seasons on end.

What makes this Celine collection so unique among all the other shows in Paris or around the world, from New York to Milan to London, is the fact that there is no one specific time period that it focuses on, no single style of person, so reference to a specific place. Instead, it just is, gathering energy from all around and giving its own light, the beauty lying in the simplicity of the collection. It is not cluttered up as many might expect from others, it doesn’t have additional layers to merely confuse the aesthetics; it simply is a work of art on its own, from the stripped coats to the silk slips, chevrons of lace to puff sleeves, fur coats and leather apron tunics. It was a collection that made us rethink our wardrobes and want something more while still keeping to a minimalistic theme.

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

“It’s about taking her out of urban life and putting her feet on the sand. It’s where I long to be, more and more,” said Phoebe Philo and we could not agree more. It is where we want to be as well. Philo is more interested in how clothes make us feel than the actual aesthetic, which lends itself to creative comfortable, airy and downright relaxing garments, which feel incredible against your skin. This is the collection for the traveler, with everything you might need in sight. Yes, our suitcases would do well with quite a few of these Celine outfits!

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Celine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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