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Ladies look closer and pinch yourself for you are not dreaming. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for as Chanel releases the XL Flap Bag for the second time. It’s like the Classic Flap Bag but in a larger size.

Just to remind you, the Chanel XL Bag was first-released in the beginning of this year. And it has made some fashionista’s heart melt like ice cream walking on 30 degrees.

A dream come true for most women, much like a happily ever after when it comes to fairy tales, this Chanel XL Flap Bag is big enough to carry all your essentials and what nots. It has a somewhat rectangular shape with a curve that is distinctive of its own.

The signature thick diamond quilting is apparent, the CC logo is gleaming and its interwoven chain link adds a more feminine touch to it. We don’t have enough information yet about this bag but we’ll keep you posted once words are out.

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